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My One Word

My One Word: Empower It’s almost the end of February.  Resolutions have, perhaps, faded into the wintery mush, feeling like a distant memory. But this 2017, we at SRG were encouraged by Sarah (more commonly referred to as Steele, our very own salsa dancing team member) to consider Mike Ashcraft’s My One Word project instead of …

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Betsy’s Video Update | Fall 2016

This Fall’s HomeFront Video Update gives you something to look forward to and something to be thankful for. Betsy and Sarah deliver the update from Boylan Bridge in downtown Raleigh, NC. To see the article about Stump Wood Co., our featured Small Business, click here. This video was originally featured in HomeFront: Fall 2016 Edition. Sign up for the newsletter here!

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Purpose with The Mission

On Thursday nights in the basement of Vintage Church, situated in the heart of downtown Raleigh by Moore Square, women from Raleigh Rescue Mission laugh deeply, listen intently, and speak courageously. Betsy is one of the handful of women who counts herself fortunate to be in the presence of brave women with great stories …

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Resolute for Relationships

Resolute for Relationships The Simmons dove into this New Year with full force and drank deeply of many wonderful opportunities to be with family and participate in community life. With January behind me, I continue to reflect on resolutions. So many times, I’ve fallen short on resolutions, and I’m realizing a main cause is that some key relationships …

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