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Betsy’s Video Update | Fall 2018

Betsy shares more about Simmons Realty Group’s new digs from the Dillon Raleigh’s terrace (aka our new front porch) plus a few real estate nuggets to get you up to speed on the Triangle market. Wondering if you should enter the market? She’s got you covered. A new home for SRG: The Dillon Raleigh …

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Making Vessels: Joe Sink Pottery

Sometimes, deepest desires are met as a means of exploration. What begins as curiosity can pave the way for a new path. That’s how it happened for Joe Sink. What started out as his parents’ birthday gift of an evening pottery class became a newfound interest in clay. A Building Sciences major at Appalachian …

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Betsy’s Video Update | Fall 2017

  In this video update, Betsy extends SRG’s seasons greetings and shares the rundown for this Homefront Fall 2017 edition newsletter. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter on our website at www.simmonsrealtygroup.org. This video was originally featured in HomeFront: Fall 2017 Edition. Sign up for the newsletter here!

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The Hybrid Home

The Hybrid Home In a world where all have a soapbox and opinions, and choices and feelings overwhelm, a couple of women choose grace, affirmation and freedom. Amanda Tovey and Lily Grimme are friends of ours who have begun a unique platform that they hope will encourage and empower women to find freedom in …

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Tidy Titan

Tidy Titan Husband and wife team Paul and Abra Millsaps have called the Triangle home for nearly a decade, and the desire to own and operate a business that gives back to their community was a driving force behind the opening of Tidy Titan at the beginning of the year. Tidy Titan is not your average …

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Posture Matters: The Travel Buddy

Posture Matters: The Travel Buddy Many of us spend significant time in front of a computer screen or on a mobile device; our lives depend on technology, and time spent in front of it can cause some serious pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Cary-based Physical Therapist Claire Little experienced this pain …

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Betsy’s Video Update | Winter 2017

Greetings from the sunny downtown of Fuquay-Varina! Pardon the motorcycle noise as Betsy talks about the “One Word” concept, Angels Among Us, and a product developed by a Physical Therapist specifically to aid back pain called the Travel Buddy. To see the article about the Travel Buddy, our featured Small Business, click here. This video was originally …

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Betsy’s Video Update | Fall 2016

This Fall’s HomeFront Video Update gives you something to look forward to and something to be thankful for. Betsy and Sarah deliver the update from Boylan Bridge in downtown Raleigh, NC. To see the article about Stump Wood Co., our featured Small Business, click here. This video was originally featured in HomeFront: Fall 2016 Edition. Sign up for the newsletter here!

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Carving Out, Honing In | Stump Wood Co.

  Carving Out, Honing In The Triangle Area is a hotbed for creatives like Jacob Arthur, but he’s a special kind of talent. He puts an amazing amount of drive and intensity behind things he is passionate about, and one of those passions is woodworking. Owner of Stump Wood Co., a Savannah College of Art …

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Betsy’s Video Update | Summer 2016

This Summer’s HomeFront Video Update contains some important advice from Betsy as a recent Seller and Buyer in this fast-paced real estate market! This video was originally featured in HomeFront: Summer 2016 Edition. Sign up for the newsletter here!

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